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Universal Web Design offers technical NFT web design services for you to build a one-stop NFT trading platform that supports diverse trading functions. We offer plug-and-play integration with fast platform deployment within 24 hours.

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Custom NFT Web Design & Development Agency in USA

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are non-transferable data storage units that are stored in a blockchain. The range of NFTs is revolutionary, encompassing anything from digital purchases in virtual worlds to next-generation music or art ownership to digital contracts and trading. At Web Design Lane, we provide a wide range of website development solutions to help your business leverage the full scope of NFTs and blockchain technologies.

We assist companies in establishing their own NFT design and development platforms to draw in the expanding NFT user base. We provide decentralized, feature-rich NFT content that enables the tokenization of various types of assets, including real-world assets, software licenses, game assets, and artwork.

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NFT Web Development

Token Development

Using the ERC-721, ERC-115, and EIP-2309 token standards as our foundation, we help you produce non-fungible, uncontestable coins. These assets-illustrating tokens guarantee programmable equity, improved market efficiency, specialized blockchain, and specialized smart contracts.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

The entire technological process of building an NFT marketplace specifically for the metaverse, the metaverse NFT Marketplace Development, enables in-game assets, virtual lands/properties/shops, characters, and other objects. For creating fully decentralized, finite, and traversable metaverse NFT marketplaces, our team provides best-in-class solutions.

NFT DeFi Services

NFTs have the ability to significantly impact the decentralized finance sector (DeFi). We assist in developing systems that keep track of transactions, allow for the creation of contract conditions and payment structures between two or more organizations without the use of a third/middle party, using blockchain technology and NFTs (such as a bank).

Buying and Auction

NFT websites give customers a permit to both buy and items and place bids on them. Some people are in search of variable pricing and don’t really want to buy the collectible items on the original prices, which actually attracts more customers. Specify a bid deadline is essential which should be possible for potential buyers in finding the status of their offers right at the moment.

Our Packages

Your One-Stop Solution

Utilize Web Design Lane, an NFT Web Development Agency based in California, to guarantee complete control of your digital assets. We have the required knowledge and expertise to provide the best NFT development services, elevating you to the top tier of NFT token makers.

  • Uniqueness

    NFTs ensure security and dependability by establishing a distinctive product identity and authenticating ownership.

  • Resale and Royalty

    Complete transparency in the trading process is provided by NFTs, assuring fairness for sellers and purchasers.

  • Permanence

    The blockchain platform used for NFT token production makes the certification unbreakable and eternal.

  • Easy to Trade

    In a marketplace created specifically for NFTs on a blockchain, users may simply buy and trade tokens.


We recommend Node.js as a framework for our web application development services when fast time-to-market and effectiveness are the key factors.

  • It’s blazingly fast

    Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. That means faster application development and awesome scalability.

  • It’s event-driven

    Building a real-time streaming video or any collaborative app? Node.js is the best solution for heavy I/O operations, data flow, and multiple connection requests.

  • It’s lightweight

    It is one of the most efficient server-side frameworks out there. With Node.js, your app may load two or three times faster.


Our Team of Highly Skilled PHP Developers Enables Us to Deliver Creative and Result Oriented PHP Web Development Services to Serve Your Businesses.

  • Enterprise Portal Development Solutions

    Our PHP website development gets you powerful, enterprise-level portals for all your internal as well as external users.

  • PHP/MYSQL Development

    Power up your databases with our incredibly powerful PHP/MySQL development services and stay in complete control of data.

  • PHP Based CMS Development

    Using our deep understanding of PHP for CMS development, let’s build you the perfect CMS that’s both easy and efficient.


Using agile development methodology to deliver our Laravel-based solutions, Universal Web Design expert Laravel developers can create an application that will meet your specific user, business, industry and vertical needs


    Laravel web application framework is expressive and elegant, offers an enjoyable and a creative experience to the users.


    Build a functional CMS with Laravel PHP framework and develop top-notch and high powered Laravel web applications.


    Make engaging and productive e-commerce applications with the Laravel development services. It contains everything to create your Laravel based online shop.



Novel Ownership

We support you in growing your digital assets by using NFTs' fractionalizing ownership strategy. It ensures that data is protected from tampering or hacking and is in a secure mode.

Safe Technology

Our top priority is integrating secure technologies into your NFTs. By constructing Non-fungible tokens on the smart contracts used, we ensure security in our blockchain-related services.

Investment Portfolio

We support you in growing your digital assets by using NFTs' fractionalizing ownership strategy. It ensures that data is protected from tampering or hacking and is in a secure mode.

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    During the lengthy process of the project with Web Design Lane, we experienced the best development and support services. Their communication time-frame is effective for further collaborations on other projects. The final product was delivered on a quality basis!

    Christopher Lam
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    It was a remarkable experience working with Web Design Lane. They are the most reliable platform to help you get along with the committed, subject matter experts. They prioritize their clients with great care and technical skills. They work according to the requirements of our project. All the credit goes to the project management and a result-driven team.

    Matthew Jones
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    Thanks to the experts of Universal Web Design for bringing their creativity into our business model. Their concise communication, proactive and quality-driven approach towards our concept made our project successful before its launch. I really admire their ability to meet the deadline in a smooth way. They did really well to execute our plan in the world of blockchain.

    Mark Thomas
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    I would strongly recommend Universal Web Design company. Based on their client engagement ability, they were able to assist us like we haven’t seen before. The responsiveness of the team and their approach helped us complete our project within the specified time and budget. Which eventually helps us to give our customers an ideal experience.

    Micheal Jroffin
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